SOAP Bible reading

SOAP, because every believer can hear the voice of God 

Levend Water has the desire that followers of Jesus receive daily from the Word of God. By reading Gods Word we discover more and more how God looks at things and we purpose to be renewed in our thinking and changed from the inside out. Why wait till Sunday morning for the preacher to speak the word of God to you, while you can read it every day yourself? God is faithful. He invites us again and again to discover more of Him.

SOAP reading plan

Levend Water uses an accessible Bible reading plan, which we call SOAP. This reading plan is an invitation without obligation and includes a reading schedule, a journal to write down what God has spoken to you, short reading instructions and the possibility to encourage others with what God has spoken to you. 

SOAP is a practical tool that comes with the thought that all believers are New Testament priests. In the Old Testament there was a huge curtain before the Holy of Holies, but Jesus made the curtain disappear. Now all believers have direct acces to God! The role of leaderschip in the church is not to act as an intermediair or priest on behalf of the people to God. There is only one High Priest and intermediair and that is Christ. The current leadership team of Levend Water knows that it is important not to take a litlle of that role.


This stands for:

  • Scripture,
  • Observation,
  • Application,
  • Prayer. 

Scripture, Bible. Every three months we provide a reading schedule. This provides one chapter a day. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Feel free to use a Bible translation that you find useful.

Observation. What do you think God is saying to you in this scripture? Here you can also ask the question: What speaks to me when I am reading this?

Application. Now God has spoken to you, think how you can apply this in your own life. Try to make this very practical so you can put into action the same day.

Prayer. This can be as simple as asking God to help you apply this scripture, or it may be a greater insight in what He may be revealing to you. Remember, prayer is a two way conversation, so be sure to listen what God has to say!


Writing down what God spoke to you, can be very helpful in your proces of growing. You can read back Gods uplifting thoughts, His promises and the refreshing insights He gave you. You will discover that in doing this your time with God will become much more personal. Besides that, it will become easier to share with other people what God has spoken to you.


Knowing that more people in Levend Water are reading the same scriptures makes it very easy to share your thoughts with others. You can take time during meetings at home to encourage each other, but you can also begin meetings with encouraging each other from the Word of God.

We pray that SOAP will lead many people to inspiring, encouraging and uplifting times with God. We hope that this will be a handy tool in following Jesus.


From June 2010 Dirk Goedbloed is the contact person for SOAP. The reading schedule will be updated on a regular basis. Journals (3 euro) and reading schedules (free) are available at Levend Water. The reading schedule is also available on this website.