church meetings, may 2020

 Dear visitor of Levend Water,


On Tuesday, May 19th 2020, there will be a church meeting in the Levend Water building. We would like to invite you for this. You read more about it below.


Why do we meet in real life?


We are going through some tough times as a church family. There are issues in the leadership team. Johan Hammink resigned as a pastor. And there are some other problems too. That is why last year, David Koerts asked Steve van Deventer to help us out. He has a lot of experience in coaching churches. This concerns the whole church community. Therefore, we want to get everyone involved. Including you!


In order to have open and honest conversations, it really helps to be able to see one another face to face. That is why we choose to meet in real life. Obviously we want to have a safe meeting. We will follow the government rules: We make sure everyone can keep 1.5 meters distance at all times. We will arrange the room for this. And a maximum of 30 people will attend.


Please tell us whether you will be there


Would you please let us know whether you will be there? If you can’t come or don’t want to participate, it is still important for us to know. Use this link - it will only take a minute. Would you please let us know as soon as possible? At last on Monday 12.00h. Thank you!


This is what you can expect


Tuesday, May 19th, will be a first church meeting. The evening starts at 20.00h at the building (Hermesstraat 65, Delft). That evening, we want to learn what is happening and what is on your mind. This means: listening to each member of the congregation. We will try real hard to make this happen. First, Steve will tell us what a healthy church community looks like. Then, we will have conversations in small groups. We really hope you will be there. Because your input matters.


On Wednesday, May 27th, there will be a second church meeting. The invitation for this evening will follow later. Then, we will discuss what it takes to become a healthy church again, for the glory of God. For that is our purpose. Steve will tell us about keys to restoration. And we will have group conversations again.


We hope to see you there!


We want Levend Water to become a place where people grow in faith, feel safe and where we communicate openly. With these church meetings, we start the restoration process. We would love to meet you there.




David Koerts

Steve van Deventer