We believe in giving. As God is giving all He has to those who believe, we also want to follow His example and give all we have for the advance of His Kingdom. We express this by dedicating our time, energy and finances to the Kingdom of God in its broadest sense. This includes both the activities of our Church family as well as our combined activities to help people to live in the victory of Jesus Christ.


Do you want to help in the mission of Levend Water, please contact one of the church leaders.


Do you want to support the work of Levend Water with your finances? You are welcome to donate during our meetings at the offering time using bank cashing authorization cards or cash money.

You are also welcome to donate by doing a bank transfer to our church bank account: NL53RABO.01054.49.741 - Christelijke Gemeente Levend Water Delft

You can use this account for general donations, tithes, building projects, mission projects, charity projects in Delft or world wide or disaster relief projects. Special projects will be announced in the corporate church meetings or on this website.


Levend Water is registered with the dutch tax office as an ANBI organization, which means that gifts are deductible on your Dutch tax submission.