Privacy Notice

Privacy Statement Levend Water

Approved by the elders: 15 september 2009

Maintained by: church leadership team


As a church we are working on being reliable and on our integrity. Because we take our exemplary role seriously and recognize the kind of society in which we live, this privacy statement has been written down.


Data concerning the church is stored to be able to have information that is necessary for the realization of the purposes as mentioned in the statues of the organization  and to execute the policies and management related to these purposes. Because Levend Water registers personal information, it may be expected that the organization is carefully handling this information. Levend Water will comply with the minimally required legal regulations. The leadership team is responsible for drafting policies and guarding privacy sensitive information in the church. Data includes: Name & address information; information about peoples spiritual state and financial information.


We want all church members and those who are interested to be aware of the fact that the church leadership is aware of its responsibility to take the necessary precautions regarding privacy sensitive information. May anyone want to understand the measures taken of want to have insight in the information registered about him or her, then the leadership team can be contacted at: